About NLFC

Dr. Jennifer uses her knowledge of the spine and body along with specific analysis to check each practice member’s spine. When needed specific and gentle chiropractic adjustments are made to allow each nervous system to function clear of interference. Removal of interference allows each practice member’s body to function at a higher level causing increases in the quality of your life on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  

Northern Lights Family Chiropractic is open to practice members of all ages, but specializes in seeing pregnant mothers and children. Although beautiful and sacred, birth can be a very traumatic event for both mother and newborn. Through chiropractic care, mom can have a pelvis that is aligned properly that will help reduce this stress both during gestation and the birthing processes. 

Northern Lights Family Chiropractic strives to create a large positive impact on the Waterbury community by focusing on serving and empowering families. We know empowered mothers, fathers and families can make more self-informed health choices while supporting their community. It is our mission to engage, uplift, and serve our community to be free from spinal interference, and to allow every practice member to unleash their unique light, beauty, and gifts

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