What is Chiropractic?

“The Power that Made the Body Heals the Body” -DD Palmer

Chiropractic had it’s start in the 1890’s with D.D. Palmer. Dr. Palmer realized that when the body has stress placed upon the body (mental, physical, or chemical) bones move out of place. When these bones shift out of their natural alignment there is a disruption between the communication between the brain and the body. Chiropractic is simple in the way that interference is removed from the body causing more ease and better communication!

A Subluxation is the common term that is used to describe this lack of ease, or dis-ease, when a bone moves out of place. Subluxations can occur when the body is unable to adapt to mental or emotional, physical or chemical stressors. Some stressors include slips, falls, accidents, relationship, time management or busy schedules, toxins from the food, air, beauty products, birth and more!

It is important to get your spine checked for subluxations, so that your chiropractor can make specific, light force adjustments to restore proper communication to the body! (Look to the ABOUT US page to learn more about Dr. Jennifer’s chiropractic background)

When should you get your spine checked?

It is always a great time to schedule an appointment and get your spine checked! Whether you are 99 with no pain or pregnant with a spine on the way! Interference starts making its way into our system before we’re even born and continues during our every day lives. It is important to have good spinal hygiene to make sure your nervous system is working its best. If you desire for you and your family to live your most optimal life, chiropractic care is an amazing step in that direction.